Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Celebrating Karen

Our Wednesday evening took a fun turn tonight as we celebrated Karen's birthday. 

But first to fabricland to find a possible top material for Karen's singing quartet. They are singing in their first ever competition in Michigan in April!

I love how it shines just like Karen does when she sings. 

On our way to Taco Farm Emily and I popped in to this store. I'm still trying to get pictures of food for the photography club assignment this month. 

Hibiscus iced tea for the birthday girl. 

We were quite taken by the little sauce bottles. 

Hi Jo!

Sorry Jo. 

I found a sparkly scarf at the sunnyside gift shop. 

Hi James Dean. 

Hi tacos. 

Tiny tiny tacos. 

Hello food. 

Emily was the best at rolling neat tacos. 

Goodbye food. 

It's water people :-)

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