Friday, 30 June 2017


Here are some excellent pictures that my niece Melissa took of my great niece Ava's eighth grade graduation. 

What a beauty!

Little sister Vivi will miss Ava at school next year. 

The beautiful family

The beautiful creative aunt who took these pictures 

Well done Ava!

Proud grandparents 

Just a little ramble around the front lawn today. 

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

O You Canada Flag

Today I was really happy to be able to resume meeting with the lady I volunteer with. She is just such a wonderful person. Only a week ago a wonderful lady was volunteering to help ME figure out if I could walk over to the gazebo or not. We just all need to be kind to each other and pay it forward I think.  

 Anyway today we had fun trying to get the flag to behave for a picture. 

It was doing everything but fly straight. 

Almost laughing at us I think. 

I do like them all and don't need it to be out perfectly. I think everything is more interesting with a few quirks. 

Someone with many quirks was waiting impatiently to go outside. 

I decided the other day to pay more attention to the sparrows that live on my porch. Just because they're so common doesn't mean they can't be interesting. They certainly are opportunists because this house was only on my porch for about half an hour before they moved in.  

I'm starting to know which ones they are by their behaviour. 

They are definitely a team and apparently stay hitched all year round which is pretty unusual for birds. 

Mr. Sat in the tree for the longest time holding a piece of string. 

Really taking his time

Then he came and sat in the bush closer to the nest and thought some more. 

Till he finally brought it on home. 

I think we are in between broods because the porch is not nearly as riotously noisey as it was a few weeks ago. 

So maybe Mr. Is having a well deserved work slow down. 

And the kids are all off at Uni. 

Apparently it's none of my business

I was thinking that maybe the hummingbirds don't like the proximity of the sparrows

And then shortly a hummingbird came and happily ate at my feeder never once showing more than their tail feathers. Probably taking lessons from the flag. 

Harry says enough about the birds

This is, after all, my lap.