Sunday, 4 June 2017

What would Honey Badger do?

I'm gonna admit that this morning I was discouraged. I feel like if I could sleep for more than one or two consecutive hours I would feel a lot better. I don't want to take more pain meds because someday I'd like to go to the washroom again. Will call my doctor tomorrow to get some sort of high powered evacuation help. When you are full of stitches from stem to stern in that neighbourhood pushing is not your friend. TMI I know but this really is what life boils down to when you're sick. 

And really I just have to accept what I already knew going in to this that its all going to take time. And it's going to be boring unless I make the most of it. And this is where my people give me an edge. 

Team honey badger went to Toronto for the weekend and among other things, 

They made cookies!  Honey badger cookies!

And they dropped them off tonight! They're food and they're fun!

Yes, yes I am. 

Yes, yes it is!

Why eat the darn cookie of course!!!

Also, stop complaining, take more meds if I need to and find a way to have fun again tomorrow. Come on hummingbirds. Where are you?

Come to my door in the afternoon or evening and you get a cookie! Talk Harry into going for a walk with you you get two!

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  1. I like your posts and this one made me laugh. Have a great day my friend.