Thursday, 30 June 2016

Cherry picking day part 1

Today we headed to Deborah's house to pick cherries. Enjoy this next picture of cherries because I didn't take many more. 

The sky at Deb and TJ's house is always bigger than everywhere else I think. 

A welcome from Vivi. 

There was a fun baseball game which I'll cover tomorrow. For tonight I wanted to feature the pictures of this guy because he's leaving on Saturday to work at a church camp up north with zero wifi for the whole summer and I want him to see the pictures of him with Logan. 

We had a lovely lunch on one of the two porches with this smiley guy. 

This guy was at my side making sure I got a cookie and sharing his drink. I feel so fortunate to have become an important part of his life. What a privilege. 

Don't worry that there are more pictures of Logan tonight than Lizzy. I'm off to the Lion Safari with her on Sunday and she'll be the star. 

That little ponytail tho

Mildly/politely amused by my raspberry blowing. 

Sorry Karen but if I had turned the camera around a few seconds before I'd have had the same face. 

Lizzy enjoys a bbq!

Henry will be flying home with Heather and Lizzy and Logan in August as Gary needs to go back before then to work so Henry will put his superb baby whisperer skills to work on his way to a holiday in Scotland and Ireland. Kinda proud that I fostered that idea. 

Seeing if Caleb's shoes fit. 

I'll see if we have ANYTHING in that size sir. 

Goodbye hugs

Thanks to Deborah for hosting 

And off to the next party! Stay tuned.