Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Fishing with Cooper

Today we went out to New Dundee to Lyndon fish hatcheries. I was thinking that a stocked pond might not be very sporting but spoiler alert:  fish 5 or 6 - us zero!

The people beside us who pulled out so many fish they had to leave early because you pay by the pound, (no catch and release) felt sorry for us and gave us some red berries to add to the worm on our hook and immediately we had lots of bites but our possibly antique lines kept breaking so we never got one landed. 

Oh well, it was a lot of fun!

Cooper sent me a text to say they were on their way and was relieved to see I had brought along some popcorn and a lolly for him. Rituals are important. 

This card was our fishing instruction manual. 

Love the crossed legs. 

Cooper soon decided that the net was more his area of interest. 

And he found a feather. 

He played the net like a guitar and made up a fishy come here song. 

Lots of I love you's for grandpa and I got some too :-)

Henry had one on the line here and Cooper brought the net but the fish got away. 

Cooper was trying to throw this feather in the water but the wind rejected it over and over. 

Cooper needed to use the porta potty and remarked after that it was like being in the middle of a garbage can. Nailed it!

Not many miles toward home before this sweet fisherman zonked out. 

Neighbors are gearing up!

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