Saturday, 11 June 2016

Walk & roll and Guitarama

Had a super fun day today! First at the Sunnyside Walk and Roll then at Caleb's guitar recital. 

The great thing about getting a little more involved and getting to know people is that I can ask their permission to post their pictures here. 

You know my good friend Alice in the picture above and these are some friends from the photography club. 

And this is my friend Carla with her awesome group today. 

I figure if you're dressed up as a clown or a policeman I can post your picture too :-)

The weather was much nicer than predicted. It was quite hot but there was a great breeze. 

When I say breeze I mean wind strong enough that they had to drive stakes into the asphalt to keep the tents up. 

I thought about getting my face painted but it was already red enough from tearing around taking pictures. 

Best part is that I was able to hang around in the gazebo area taking pictures of the walkers without my bug gear and didn't see many bugs and only got a few bites. I love wind! It was really strange that I didn't see any birds or squirrels either. Which is because I wasn't looking for them not because there were more people around. When people walk by they're just up in the trees or in the brush. 

So right over to the Aud where Caleb's guitar recital was. Or should I say Guitarama! Too tired to look at the video tonight but here are the pictures. 

Got the ten year anniversary number expiring but missed getting a picture of Karen winning a trivia prize for knowing the teacher's email handle. 

Gotta get pictures of this almost 16 year old when I can! He's heading up to church camp soon for the summer. 

He has another accomplishment in that he has now completed his bronze cross in swimming and is on his way to becoming a life guard!

Well done!

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