Sunday, 31 May 2015

Lizzy update and rain rain rain

Okay so I loaded everything backwards which is a marvellous Alzeimers test but I forgot the funnies so I only passed 50%

I adore this series of pictures of Lizzy that Heather took. 

I went for 4 walks today because it was so lovely and cold (bug free) and rainy! Here are the pictures from the first walk.

This squirrel was not best pleased with me following him around but certainly not afraid!

Neither was this guy:

The end of my pink tulips:

The yellows are coming

Can't stop seeing a sad face or possibly a Dr Who villain:

Eastern Red Columbine:

Was already walking home when I noticed a flash of yellow so I cut across a parking lot and got as close as I could. Now I know how close I can get before I freak out a Goldfinch. Not very is the answer. 

Harry's cat nip tea: