Thursday, 31 August 2017

Yellow III

Beautiful day over at the gazebo bench. 

I don't like to take pictures of flowers on people's porches that I don't know but these roses are just so happy.

Now that the weather is cooler I'm gonna see if I can win back some friends so I put up my feeder. My next surgery is scheduled for October 11 so I wasn't going to bother feeding birds this fall but there's still a good month and I miss my squirrels and chickadees.

We'll see if they come back.

 I tried to catch an animal path but it wasn't easy.

There it is!

 These tall flowers are always on the move.

Harry's leash got stuck today and he was so weirded out that he slipped his harness. I didn't chase him. He sat and thought about it for a while.

Then he headed over to me and went to the door to come in. Good boy!

Tonight was a good time with friends.

My Caesar was clear because it was made with tomato water which has no colour. It was good and the green beans were dill pickles! Very cool.

Jo did the tasting of the wine quite elegantly.

So much fun!

Perfect night walk weather. Cool, no bugs, and a blue jay win on the radio! He was SO happy to be out there in the dark!

All ammo-ed up for tomorrow!