Monday, 30 December 2013

A cardinal sin

Listen, we had an awesome family Christmas here but I'm going to blog about that another time.

Today I was just happy to be able to go outside in the sunshine. I sent my big camera on a photo assignment with my brother for a few days so it was interesting to use the little yellow swim camera.

It has a really decent zoom, I was pretty far away from this guy:

And it cropped from here:

to here:

I was maybe most impressed that from here:

It stopped this:

The squirrels were really active today and I just sat in the sun and watched the show.

And yes the rose sisters have hung on till pretty much the new year!

Harry came out for a minute and optimistically checked for cat nip.

He's usually more of a glass half empty kind of guy.

The camera loses its biscuit the minute it's not got the support of the sun. I notice that at the pool too. It's not the difference between an SLR and a point and shoot, it's a character flaw of this camera, but hey it can get wet so what do you want!

Fun with today's cardinal in the Juxtaposer app:

Warmth is where you find it says Harry:

Happy New Year's Eve!


Saturday, 28 December 2013

Shopping as a sport

Fun day. First I boxed up the treats.

Then my friends and I set out on a shopping jag. A new Keurig store in Guelph!

Got me some coconut coffee!

Then I sweated down Penningtons. Trying on clothes is an aerobic event for me! Especially while shopping by leaning on a cart instead of a rollator. It wasn't pretty but I got some excellent deals!

I came home and did some really amateur wrapping for the kids at tomorrow's family Christmas here.

Harry was a big help.

I tried again with the soft caramel. Zehrs was out of the PC brand so I used these instead.

One minute at 350 worked pretty good. I like them better than the kraft caramels though if I tried again I'd use half a caramel and that might be perfect.

Didn't occur to me till near the end to put two in like antlers.

Up a bit higher, a few dabs of icing and you'd have reindeer.

Big day tomorrow I should get to bed!


Instead of funnies I'd like to express my condolences to my friend and her family on the loss of her mom and another friend on the loss of her dad. No good time of year for it but this is a tough season to lose someone. Wishing you peace Pari and Wendy.

Friday, 27 December 2013

Candy landy

Not much time for blogging because this:

This is the proper kind of caramel to use for the pretzel turtles:

Finishing touches tomorrow.

And yes I made some naked turtles for Maureen.

I've decided I don't care what these look like, they taste great:

Marshmallow Costco cereal. What I don't do for none chocolate loving friends.


Thought that counts? I don't really like brown sugar fudge so I can't tell if it's great or garbage :)

Do'ya need cheering up? Look at this wonder from the east, another picture of Rebekah in her very own thinking chair!

You're welcome.


I don't know, looks kinda fun to me. Not sure how I'd take pictures though. Chances are the person walking in bad weather doing this will be landing on their tailbone shortly.

These were made by my nephews in the west:

The picture begs for some kind of "Not in my neighbourhood" caption.

You make a better door than a window?

Get off my lawn ya little candy a$&?

Your mother wears army fruits?

Your dog left another pink turd on my lawn?