Monday, 16 December 2013

Waiting for the dance


That's Harry's typing for today.

Still trying to upload Emily's dance movie so in the meantime please enjoy this video from two winters ago of the day Harry learned how to fetch

Cluck here to watch.

Or click, that'll work too!

He's a lot slimmer there. My free range feeding isn't working. Going to try 4 smaller meals but it's hard because an empty bowl means an anxious Harry.

He's still volunteering to go out!

It would be pretty hard to get a picture of all 4 feet on the ground!

Sitting on the printer is new behavior.

Harrison appreciated being included in a Christmas card!

He patted it like the iPad. I think he may have been waiting for me to put a bird video on though. Kids and their technology expectations nowadays!

Lunch at Cora's on Saturday in memory of Grace:

Who knew I could caption pictures? Not me, nearly 7000 pictures or more in!


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