Friday, 13 December 2013

The path of three days

So Wednesday I headed up to Karen's and we sure had fun! Whiskers and I hung out in the car for a bit while we picked up the kids.

Then we headed out for supper.

I'm dying to make a dig about the lack of apostrophe but throwing stones in glass houses, let he who is without grammar sins cast the first stone and all that.

It's a sweet place, no pun intended, that you want to cheer on.

Matching striped shirts.

So good!

Back home to begin Christmas goodie making.


Melt a little

Add pecans. Melt some chocolate into dollops on a different tray and place the pretzel with the caramel onto the dollop. Add more melted chocolate on top and voila! Here's the recipe.

I wasn't actually helping that much as I was trying to get at my pictures of Grace because I needed to write about her. It's how I deal.

Caleb helped me with their laptop and both kids sat with me shoulder to shoulder and listened to stories about me and Grace in high school. Quiet loving support.

Even whiskers gave me a cuddle or two at bedtime.

The next day Karen came with me in a bit of a blizzard to the visitation for Grace. It was lovely meeting her family again but the best part were these pictures.

Back to Christmas prep as soon as school was out.

Peanut butter balls!

Caleb discovered how easy it is to make fudge!

We got out the cookie press for the first time in years and years!

Then to top it all off we had a fantastic chicken dinner and Emily and I had a ton of fun at the swimming pool.

She has a dance recital tomorrow, can't wait!

Harry was pretty sure he needed to go out today.

Already doing the flamingo stand.

I didn't notice till I watched this video that I should have cleared him a path to his grass.

Wasn't long before he headed to the door and assumed his flamingo stance again. No sense having 4 cold feet.

Sometimes I wonder if he'd wear booties - then I get a grip. But his toes are chapped. Ok

Holy cow guys! Harry just reached over and dabbed at my iPod and it typed Ok! Honest to goodness that just happened! It wasn't even my last cut and paste. Maybe he would wear socks. Wow. Ha!

I took the hint and opened the door.

Earlier on in the afternoon on my walk I discovered that they hadn't plowed my favorite walkway.

I thought about complaining because I wanted to get to my Cardinal tree. But I thought about it for a bit...

and then I just went off road.

Because I can.

Sometimes more off road than others!

We interrupt this blog for someone who is being simply too cute:

Anyway there was one set of human tracks and a host of others.

Pretty sure there was a party here last night.

My lone bird today. I should never try to plan wildlife. I heard my Cardinal but didn't see him. (He was over by the plowed path. Ha!)

I went back to the grass house, probably shouldn't go again as I got some pretty frosty looks to my hello from the people across the street. Large puffy coated person with a rollator and a big camera dead of winter just outside a nursing home. Can't blame them.

I'll plant my own come spring.

Whew done! If you made it this far well done and thank you!


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  1. Loved your off-roading pic. Marjorie makes the pretzel treats with a Hershey Kiss and a Smartie on top. You soften the kiss on the pretzel and push the Smartie down into it when they come out. I found star shaped pretzels here that would be perfect for such wonderful morsels. Thinking now of making my own.