Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Day 1 part two

Had a GREAT day. Kathy and Jessica didn't yell at me when I bright twice as much stuff as two two of them combined - picture of that on my land locked camera and Daisy the bulldog is a delight. Sheer delight. Could not be sweeter!

My chair!

My view after I walked down this hill

Only made it a little way up the hill and Kathy went and got the car which, let's face it had been the plan. Want to save some knee juice for the Wiarton Willie park tomorrow!

Here's my porch view. The inside of the cottage is beautiful. Maybe I'll take pictures just before we go.

Here's the view I'll have tomorrow while I post this. Thrilled to be with friends that love wifi as much as I do!

And here's Daisy on my bed with me. Quite a leap! She snuggled for a while but was always sighing. She's part shepherd I think cause if she could have the three of us in the same room, better yet bed, that would be the best thing ever!

Finally she just had to go be with her real family upstairs so she came up and gave my chin a kiss and off she went. I told you sweet!

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Day 1

Here we go! I didn't pack much at all! Tee Hee!

Our view!

Blurry view of Wiarton Willy will get closer tomorrow!

Monday, 27 August 2012


No Internet!!! Sitting at MacDonalds.

Best thing about going away tomorrow? I get to spend the week with this beautiful girl! Meet Daisy, you'll be seeing lots of her!

Harry knows something's up. I'm sure this tear in his eye is just dust.

See you later!

Saturday, 25 August 2012


I know I don't have to explain this but I want to. Dr K didn't actually say that I don't have cancer right now at the appointment we were at on Thursday. She said it at my first appointment last month but I couldn't believe it because I didn't trust the first ct scan plus that scan had shown some suspicious sized lymph nodes that they thought might just be recovering from the surgery and this scan proved that that was the case.

I'm still struggling to take in the good news but enjoying doing so. I couldn't take in learning I had cancer all at once so I guess this shouldn't be different. And right away my mind skips to wanting some good friends to hear the same good news for themselves.

I think because the vulvectomy hurt so much more than I expected for such a long long time I've taken the possible side effect pep talks (or whatever the opposite of pep talk is) from the upcoming radiation deep to heart in the hopes of not experiencing pain like that again. So soon. Or at least not being surprised by it and then hoping that maybe it won't be so bad. Hey. I'm not claiming to be logical.

My good friend Grace made an excellent point after I told her about how strongly Dr K. hammered in the possible side effects of the radiation. Grace said that it's not like I'm some person who's never had anything worse than a hang nail. I'm familiar with Dr Pain and I'll get through this.

Also I have had access to sufficient pain relief and this time wont be any different. I just want it over with and as much as I'm belly aching about this stuff I don't have a moment's regret about having gone through it. I respect people's right not to go through cancer treatment but if there's a good chance of recovery i sure as heck don't understand it! Life. It's just too good! Now if I'm ever diagnosed with alzeimers that's a whole different ball of wax but thankfully that bridge hasn't appeared so there's no need to cross it.

And so I'll go on a wonderful holiday next week and then put on my pirate persona and face whatever's next.

And this is the face that I want to go into it with.

Friday, 24 August 2012

Hope floats

Today was a day for a long walk where we once again contemplated the EXACT same two back yards as usual. I swear those people are going to call the police on me some day for lurking!

Harrison got in a snit about leaving and put his head down and slipped his harness off and went back to the fence. He let me catch him easily and we went back to spying happily for a while.

Today was awesome because I got to spend the evening with a friend from way back! She is very up on medical trends and brought me the gift of a pre radiation approved relaxation kit that looks a lot like a floatie chair. Don't be fooled it's actually for therapy only. I'm pretty sure the yellow bikini is in the box too!

We went to Arabesque for dinner...

And furthered my ice cream quest later. Tonight's flavour was Cherry Cheesecake. Two thumbs up from me but a bit too heavy on the cherry for Denise.

Wonderful to see you Denise!

Here's my favorite unintentional picture in a while:

Thanks for all the love re yesterday's post and yeah, I don't know why it has to be so hard to leave a comment on this blog!

Good Night. Sleep tight!

Thursday, 23 August 2012

I'm a Beleva in Dr Kobeleba!

The only way I can remember my radiologist oncologist Dr Kobeleba's name is to think about this picture:

And think that she is a "Co-Beleva"

I'm sure neither one of us are actual fans of his music but whatever works right!

GREAT appointment today. The doctor seemed night and day different as far as smiling and even joking a little. Maybe just having a bad day last time, it's a tough job. I don't know why that's so important to me, competence and skill should be number one, but attitude really matters to me.

So the new ct scan was a total sucess! Dr Kobeleba said they found my AWOL uterus and absolutely no other indication of cancer. Even the lymph nodes that were suspicious in the first ct scan are normal again - they were just recovering from the surgery. This time they did my chest too and those nodes were all good as well. She said that right now I don't have cancer! Cool eh!

Having said that I still have to undergo the radiation for sure. It's still going to be really hard and really nasty. No swimming during the radiation and probably not for a month or two after because my skin will likely be quite broken down. But I'm going to be positive and deal with that as it comes, IF it comes.

I still don't know exactly when it will start but that's all going to be in the works now. They'll call me in for a mapping CT appointment which IS in the cancer centre this time and I'll get my free tattoos. Woohoo!

Oh and cover your ears boys, after the radiation I will no longer be helping to keep the feminine hygiene product companies afloat. Woo hoo! That means instant menopause and all the symptoms that might entail in a really accelerated fashion so watch your backs cause I may get Kray-kray fast.

I have the chance to go to a cottage on Georgian Bay next Tuesday for a few days and the doctor was really happy to give me permission to go! It will take a while to get things set up and she said go go, you're symptom free, go and enjoy! Yay! Harrison will go spend the week at Uncle Henry and Aunt Marcia's Hotel for Cats and away I'll go! This is what the cottage looks like.

Hot tub!

My cameras are VERY excited for some new material!

And just to make this great day complete guess who is safely home after being lost for over a month? My niece Dana's little boy cat Ozzy! Hurray! Welcome home little buddy!

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Soup to nuts

Should be sleeping instead of blogging so I'll just mostly post pictures. Big Dr's appointment tomorrow at 11:40. Hope to unearth a sense of humour in her!

Today we were the ladies that lunch!

Look Ma I got purple toes!

Speaking of Ma....