Sunday, 30 June 2013

Whacky Porch Sitting

Mystery of where Harrison could have gotten a bite solved! Turns out he's been playing:

Not with this:

But with this:

It seems every time I go outside on my porch there's a new Chippy subway entrance.

Some of them complete with gravel driveways. There's three in the picture above, one of them, just to the right of the stake has a camouflage dandelion leaf over it.

So today Harry's out enjoying his twin cat nip plants and he suddenly noticed a chippy in one of the holes.

And that's when the whack a mole game began.

We never actually saw another chippy but he would've happily sat there for an hour going back and forth between the three holes.

So yeah when you stick your whole face down somebody's home you're liable to get bitten. Harry just walked by and just as I finished typing that sentence meowed at me.

I don't wish the chippies any ill but I think we might have to stop up these holes...

and watch from a safer distance. His wounds seem to be healing nicely. He can't reach them to lick but I'd like to see him stop scratching them or we'll enter the dreaded cone of shame zone.

So this happened twice today:

Did you notice a disturbance in the space time continuum cause the second time I went around the opposite direction.

Sophia you could be a very annoying neighbour but thank you for the beautiful garden. You left us a lasting memory.

Flags from last summer at the cottage:


Wish I could credit this beautiful picture: