Thursday, 6 June 2013

Quite a day!

Fabulous day today! Started with a lovely lunch with my sister-in-law Mary. Remember her? She's the one that basically got me through radiation. Now that I'm doing better I miss seeing her so we decided we will need to do lunch!

Got home and had a fun walk in the rain. For some reason rain speeds the squirrels up!

Later on this happens! I'm just putting it here because I want it to be the picture that shows up on Facebook.

It could not be clearer that they are playing tag.

Conversation overheard by the mail boxes in my building:

her: No I don't drink, well yes I have a drink now and then

him: I smell it on you all the time, it's very strong

Both of them looking at me to see if I'm listening.

her: Well yes I have a drink on holidays and Sundays what's wrong with that?

him: It's oftener than that, I can smell it all the time on you

her: well yes I do like a rye and coke sometimes but it's better than that cigarette smoke

him: (Not letting it go) sometimes ha more like all the time!

her: well it's better than that marijuana smoke I smell next door all the time

him: flustered sneaking a glance at me to see if I'm listening - oh I haven't....

her: yes you have I smell it all the time

Me exiting as gracefully as someone a bright red raincoat who is soaking wet can do

Soon it was time to go for supper with some of my friends from high school!

So. Much. Fun.

I seldom drink but it seemed like a really good idea to have a piña colada tonight in honor of my rum and Coke neighbor.

Judy talked me into having a picture taken with Hans, no idea if that's his real name but we're going with it. Then the little turkey almost wouldn't pose with him when it was her turn. She something that girl!

Then Donna arrived and it was a party.

The cowboy on the right took this nice picture of us.

Pad Thai!

A shelf of Elvi:

Swimming pictures from yesterday. There's a swimming movie on Facebook that I'll post here tomorrow.

We played charades.


  1. Cool pictures Ruth. It was so good to see you and Judy again. Times flies by so quickly,

    Donna K

  2. Looks like a good day!