Friday, 21 June 2013

Kids in trees

First of all today I had a real bath, as in sitting right down inside of it instead of on a bench. I had my phone at my side just in case and there were a few minutes there where I thought I might need to call the bathtub excavators whoever that might be but I carved out a new way of doing it and got out. Whew!

Today it was too hot to walk around the building more than once so I went up and down one flight of steps again. By flight I mean half of one set of stairs. Right now that's enough. Not really because it hurts because it hurt surprisingly little. More that it feels weird. Like I'm walking on the moon or like I'm a toddler taking giant over exaggerated steps that I keep expecting to hurt.

I guess Cooper and I have something in common. He's starting to pull himself up and really NEEDS to be able to get around.

I like how Henry described it:

"He was here for awhile today - I could see a little bit of frustration because he wants so badly to be going around and discovering everything but still needs help getting around - he drives me around like a bus - one hand pulling on my shirt and the other hand pointing in the direction that he wants to go."

I can see why the swing must of felt like such freedom.

Today's flowers:

Does my breath smell?


Finally sorted some more pictures from Saturday.

Excited to be going to the gym tomorrow!

Hoping the Calgary floods don't reach Brent and Joannie or pup Sara and the 2 cats.

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  1. Great cousin shots in the tree!!!
    Very photogenic kids