Saturday, 1 June 2013

Shopping in the States

Very tired but great day! Only had an hours sleep, I was too excited, but we had so much fun south of the border today. We just like to shop a bit, eat at Olive Garden and see some friends.

Proud to say I walked all day and didn't use the electric carts at all. I'm sore but happy. I was even able to use just a cart in one store instead of my rollator. And I could actually browse instead of just being totally focused on when I could next sit down!

And yesterday my knee felt great. When I said to Karen and the kids that for the first time my knee didn't hurt Emily said real quick "Get used to it!" Love that girl!

Of course as soon as I do my physio or swimming my knee hurts again but I can deal with that better now that I know it's at least POSSIBLE for it to not hurt.

We always eat at the Olive Garden. So good.

We just like to look at simple things that we don't see up here.

Augie Dogie has a restaurant in the states!

What you talking about Willis?

We had a quick safe crossing both times at the border. Because we start out at 7 AM we're going back by two or three and that seems to work really well. Well except for the fact that none of us actually slept that much but who needs sleep when you can shop!

Harrison got a new harness. Pink was the only colour they had. Not sure if that will scar him for life. I cannot even begin to tell you what a good co-operative little boy he was! I had no idea what I was doing when I put it on him.

I was all over the place trying to make it bigger and pull his legs through here and there. The most he ever reacted was to purr and lick my arm a little bit. And that made me tear up because it reminded me of my friend Johanna's cat Sooty that she lost to cancer this week. She could do anything to him and the most he would do would be to give her a lick to indicate that maybe perhaps she could stop doing that. I don't know if Harrison was channeling Sooty but it sure seems like it.

I'm still not sure if it really fits, but he seemed to actually really like it.


He was mad that I didn't take him for a walk but the bugs were just too bad.

Harrison stayed out on the porch for quite a while and never tried to shrug the new harness off or anything like that. I'm just not sure he's always going to be that cooperative when I try to put it on because it has to go over his head and it's quite snug. I can put a finger width between him and the collar though so I think it's okay.

He did have to give himself a bath everywhere where the harness had been touching him once he came inside.

Hey remember this booklet that Emily made me to take along to radiation while they burned the pants off of me?

Well my niece Melissa loved that last one so much that she had it tattooed on her wrist today! How awesome is that?

I had to have a few tattoo dots for radiation purposes but they sure weren't that cool! Stay tuned though because today I bought this!

Anything could happen!

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