Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Swinging with Cooper

Great day. It was rib night and they actually had ribs this time!

Swim night so we got to see Cooper and Dana. Some swinging first. After all those happy swinging pictures we had seen we were hoping for some big smiles too. But we were pretty serious at first.

But the smiles rolled out soon.

Waiting in line to get in the pool was Cooper's least favorite part. In the pool pictures another day.

The next two pictures were taken and Photoshopped by Henry. The idea was my niece Melissa's. Such a great fun!

I skitched this next great picture that Dana took. Pretty sure he was doing his happy baby pterodactyl scream!

I'm up at whiskers's tonight getting ready for the big end of school party tomorrow. Emily's invited all the girls in her class. And me :)

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