Saturday, 15 June 2013

A public display of knitting

How did you celebrate World Wide Knit in Public week?

It's a little sketchy as to when the actual day is (in my very brief Internet search), but it is a real thing and we rocked it!

Many many more pictures but here are a few to get you started.

My niece Deborah on the right gets the credit for organizing this absolutely awesome day in Stratford.

Melissa did the tutoring.

We allowed crocheting too cause that's just the way we roll and are a reasonably inclusive family. Annette crochets and her sister Melissa knits - a house divided. See what I did there with the Shakespeare/Stratford thing?

The Bax girls made awesome cupcakes with knitting related slogans.

We even had our pictures taken for the Snap newspaper. Someone named Lori called it in. She was nowhere to be found so we were chosen!

Thanks for a fantastic day Deborah!!

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