Friday, 29 July 2016

A few rainy flowers

We had a nice half hour of rain last evening. It was a little too dark to take pictures but this summer has not given much opportunity for rain pictures. 

Blue sky though it's still raining. 

My one and only rose mallow bloom so far this season. 

Thursday, 28 July 2016

More Splash park fun

Lots more fun from Waterloo park yesterday. 

Lizzy and Harry had a little meet and greet before we set out. 

Some watering cans for Lizzy and Cooper 

Look what the stork left on my porch. 

Cooper says hello

And Harry says let me in please!

Lizzy has had lots of good experience watering at Grandma's. 

Da boys

The ducky requires two hands. 

We met up at the park in a few minutes 

Logan is getting a tooth but he's still very jolly. 

Sharing is touch and go sometimes but they manage. 

Proof that karen brought the ball stolen by another mom later. 

Water time!

Lizzy's foot prints. 

Screaming with joy

This is where Lizzy went to warm up. 

Dana's job

Coming over to cool off my toes

Cooling himself off

Then Logan's toes. 

"Lizzy is my best friend."

Monkey see monkey do

Very sweet day. Lots more pictures here: