Saturday, 23 July 2016

Wonderland wrap up

Lizzy woke up from her nap in the shade ready for more fun. This was the first ride she had to go down by herself. 

She did great. 

Then we found a splash pad where I could get nice and wet. Before that I was getting my hat dipped in a pool and wearing it that way which helped a lot.  

But this was awesome!

Cutest baby ever. 

These fish were much more civilized than big buckets. 

I went back in 3 or 4 times. 

We headed back over to the dry side and Heather and Lizzy took a helicopter ride while Karen got our pizza supper. 

Karen and Heather pointing out a bird to Lizzy who didn't have to be told twice. 

Hot air balloon ride just like grandma and grandpa had for their 65th birthday. 

The swing ride that used to be the only ride Emily would go on back in the day. 

Lizzy Juuuust squeaked by the height requirement. 

She wanted to ride the train again. 

And the horseys. 

Karen said it was hard to see who was more excited - judging from the pictures probably me :-)

I know it's wrong to take photos in bathrooms but Lizzy had as much fun as any ride...

Making the hand dryer turn on and blow on her hair. 

Then we saw him. Lucky Dog!

It was a tough choice though 

There was MUCH toddler envy. 

And people's faces lit up in smiles all around us seeing Lizzy enjoy Lucky Dog. 

A really great day!

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