Sunday, 3 July 2016

Lion Safari part 1

Unbelievable day at the Lion Safari today. Although any day with these people is a great one. 

More elephants later. I think I'm going to need to blog in the order the day happened to keep from getting mixed up. 

We did the drive through of the park first because Lizzy was sleeping and had been pretty clear she didn't want to see lions as they might bite her fingers. I think she would have changed her mind had she been awake but it all worked out. 

Please excuse the car window filter and we'll pretend it's meant to be. 

Gary was excellent at spotting camouflaged animals. 

This youngster was on the prowl. 

Dad and mom not so much. 

TMI but some of these bottoms brought me back to the old radiation days. 

Who are the monkeys?

Lots more to come :-)

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