Saturday, 16 July 2016

Found some more

What a happy bonus to find some more pictures from last Tuesday at the wilmot splash pad. I had forgotten that Emily and Karen had used the water camera. 

Emily followed Anne and Lizzy around the water for a while. 

She said they were waiting for the big bucket to pour out

But pretty much got missed altogether. Clearly it was still fun!

In fact Lizzy shouted for joy every time she heard the bucket go no matter where she was in the park. 

The playpark was fun too. 

Cooper trying to organize Lizzy without much success. 

There was much play acting of Giants and other wonders. 

Pictures from the last few days around here. 

Glad I wasn't sitting under this bird at the time. 

The cooler weather has meant a few nice evening walks for Harry and me. 

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