Monday, 31 March 2014

An Excellent Start!

Hi. Mary Lynn's emails are not going out right now so don't worry if you were expecting one. Facebook is working for her.

She writes:

"We are here in between storms. We saw ice on the trees yesterday and our power was off last evening, but the roads were fine. Had a very good weekend. Plus today went without a glitch. Turns out I don't need a picc line (so far anyway) and there was no reaction to the fluderabide, yeah God! I rested a lot this afternoon, now it's time for supper, then we go to the Birthday party of 5 yr old Elijah - another fun visit with the Passey family."

So awesome!

I finally found the pictures of ML and Jim that I knew I had somewhere and they were worth finding.

I also found these two blast from the past pictures:

Caleb could not wait to show me his missing tooth!

Sharing a butterfly. D'aw.

Nothing as exciting as a hawk out there for me today. But it was, drum roll please...

Starting to wonder now why I don't focus manually most of the time.

If this keeps up I may have to ask my photography buff friends to keep an eye on the rose sisters while I'm gone!

Harrison was excited to be able to get to the chipmunk tree today.

That's a smile if I ever saw one.

We had quite a walk.

Made it to the sidewalk and beyond!

Still have to keep one foot off the ground at all times to keep warm though.

He was a little nervous about cars going by as you can see by the ear.

It was so nice that I went out for a second walk. Third if you count Harry's.

Made it part way through the blocked path to the gazebo!

This little gaffer put on quite a one man/woman show for me. Not sure if it was trying to misdirect me from its nest or what the story was.

I mean it got up on a picnic table and looked me straight in the eye.

Finally with a last glare it was gone.

Cooper had a grand time at Belgian Nursery with his Grandma and Grandpa yesterday.

He's not really a bull in a china shop toddler so the flowers and clay pots were fairly safe.

But the best part was the sand box

He could hardly leave. Might rival the library for good free fun!