Monday, 3 March 2014

The pelican briefly

Let's put off the pictures of snow for a few minutes and listen to a Florida story from my brother Henry:

"We were given a bucket of fish for $5 to feed these big fish."

"I was throwing my fish out further to make the big fish swim for them but the sea gulls would swoop in from behind me and catch the fish before they hit the water. My solution was to fake the throw and watch the sea gulls dive at thin air. That's when buddy pelican came from behind me and snapped at my hand which was still holding the fish."

Look at this sweet face again. Almost sure it was an accident. Almost.

Ok snow. Because honestly there's really not much else out there to take pictures of.

Still you can't beat full sun so late in the afternoon and with the time change it's just going to get better!

You know it's a long winter when you start seeing happy faces in the slush.

The three sisters officially made it to March!

Finally some jet trail for the Elf ride.


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