Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Red Birds and Squirrel Popsicles

Great day with Karen today. The weather was a bit fickle to say the least. More like snow clumps then flakes.

An hour later the sun was out.

Hey remember how we learned that red squirrels harvest maple sap? Well apparently blacks squirrels want in on the action. And yes red and black squirrels can be siblings.

This is how I imagine it went:

Hey Zoe watcha doing? I texted you like 10 times, no answer.

Nuffing Charlie. Just hanging out.

Are too doing sumfing, let me see!

I said nuffing. I'm just going over here now so go away.

Hey watcha doing now Zoe?

I said I'm not doing nuffing Charlie. Go away!

Hey you're licking that tree! I'm telling!

Well maybe I'll try it out first before I tell.

Hey this is delicious!

Look Zoe I found a popsicle!

Hey I bet your branch tastes better than mine Zoe.

Lemme see. Come on. Please?

No Charlie get your own branch.

I. Said. Let. Me. Taste. Your. Branch!

Ouch Charlie ouch! That really hurt.

Oooooh you make me so mad!
Mooooom Charlie bited my tail again!

Tattle tail. My popsicle is better anyway.

[Both: nom nom nom]

Um Charlie, can I try your popsicle?

I won't tell mom you bited my tail.

K, but only two licks.

Nom nom nom mmmmmmm

Hey I said only two licks! Take a hike!

Fine but I'm telling on you anyway.

Who cares I got a Popsicle!

Aaaaand end scene.

Apparently squirrels can't say their th's. Who knew :)

The red birds were out in the again today. I try really hard to boil these down but this blog is one if my picture backups so you'll just have to deal with it :)

I knew there were two birds in the tree but couldn't tell till later what kind.

Turned out to be Mr and Mrs Red.

Mr Red flew over to this tree...

and they chirped quietly back and forth for five minutes.

I now know two of their calls. They sound very different from each other.

These next pictures are from yesterday.

Can you still see part of him in this picture?

Whew that was a long one. Night.


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