Saturday, 22 March 2014

Olivia & Lorelai - double whammy of cuteness

Big day! Olivia's 8th birthday party and I got to meet my niece Ashley's little girl Lorelai. She of the cheeks. They are visiting from out west.

I am for sure no baby photographer but I'll make an album of Lorelai pictures on Facebook tomorrow or Monday. And there will certainly be a birthday movie for Olivia with tons more pictures soon!

Ashley on the couch and Ethan and Peyton with Lorelai. So many loving cousins

Lorelai will be six months old tomorrow! She is impossibly adorable.

As is Olivia of course!

When the glasses come off it's serious cake time!

So happy to be together.

Plus also people, check out the start of my tat sleeve!

I got an awesome early birthday card all the way from England from my friend Melanie.

You can see Harry's reaction to it by clicking here.

My pictures do not do even halfway justice to the degree that this card is in 3-D! Harry will attest to this as it now has several tooth marks on it. A great honour indeed.

I want to do two things with it. I want to keep it forever, and give it to Sean.

Thanks Melanie!


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  1. Glad you and Harry like the card. I had to buy it, there was absolutely no hesitation when I saw it. Happy Birthday.