Saturday, 15 March 2014

Three gifts

Harry made out like a bandit today.

He got a new friend.

(It wasn't love at first sight!)

A new toy.

And some fresh grass!

All this bounty came from my trip with friends to a local place called Belgian Nursery. They had asked where I'd like to go for an early birthday outing. Relax, it's not till April. All I wanted was to see some flowers and they made my dream come true.

Ginger was saying hi to people but not till they walked away.

I posted more of the flower pictures on Facebook and like I said it was a little like shooting fish in a barrel. Maybe a bit too easy but a lot of fun. Not that I think shooting fish is fun :)

I suppose a bit of a challenge was avoiding price tags. But not nearly as challenging as avoiding other people in three busy rooms swarming with toddlers and moms yesterday. My friend thought we were the only people there so I must've done a good job.


I bet an adult size would work even better.

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  1. Great pics, if spring won't come to you, you need to go to it. Does that make sense?