Wednesday, 5 March 2014

A title eludes

Didn't use the new red rocket on today's walk cause I was still plowing through snow out back and the old rollator is heavier duty. But it behaved well for swimming tonight. I broke my record at the pool and did 3 1/2 front summersaults. Emily did ten but hey she's eleven :)

The sky was never dull today.

Harry stepped outside for a minute today for the first time in a long time. It was a balmy -12. He's getting lots of exercise though because he's in love with his new toy that I sewed him.

Most store bought cat toys are stuffed with cotton batten and some cat nip, this one is 100% nip.

So yeah, then tonight I sat outside with wet hair taking pictures of the moon. Because that's normal.

I wasn't doing so hot cause I thought I needed to turn the camera dial thingy to the left. Yeah, not without a tripod bucko.

I did see my first UFO.

Or airplane. Whatever.

First stars too.

There was thumbs up star.

And lariat star.

So I go inside and get to thinking maybe that time I had a bit of success with the moon I had turned the thingy to the right. So I went back out.


Sweet hat buddy!

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