Tuesday, 4 March 2014

My new ride

Just kidding

It's not a new ride but rather a new walk.

Meet the red rocket!

It folds like a dream.

They threw in a free cup holder too!

Stows nicely behind the door.

Might be time to put away the crutches.

And possibly the Christmas wreath.

Reflectors! There's a good chance that it's a transformer too. Stay tuned.

One of the reasons I wanted it is that I'm going to be going to Halifax in the beginning of April for 4-6 weeks for the occasion of spending lots of quality time with my sister Mary Lynn from PEI as she gets a stem cell transplant from my brother Jim. She won't be in the hospital but has to have a support person with her at all times. We'll be staying at a lodge across from the hospital playing cards, doing word puzzles, skyping everyone we know and just generally having fun.

More about that as it develops but me and my camera are excited to see some new territory. Word on the street is that Halifax is closer to spring than we are!

Also tonight Harry helped me finish his cat nip toy.

It took a while for him to smell it but then he was right there helping.

The feline frisbee? The idea is that he can carry it around like a donut if he wants to. If he ever comes down from his catnip funnel high that is.


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