Saturday, 14 October 2017

Blue Lego

So. That was an interesting week.

When you walk into surgery at a cancer hospital it's never a good thing if they remember you because you've been there so often and also so recently.

It occurs to me that since my cancer journey has taken place over five years not all of the people reading this are familiar with my story so hold on to your hats while I tell you that I have vulvar cancer that is basically skin cancer but can move indoors and become lymph node cancer. I'm fortunate because although I had one lymph node that was found to be cancerous my scans have been all clear since 2012.

In May 2012 I had my first vulvectomy where they removed the skin cancer found at the time as well that hopefully Lone Ranger cancerous lymph node. In October of that year I had radiation to the area which was a horror show that we got through by being pirates.

Since then I've had more vulvar skin surgeries themed with more Pirates and some sharks and a few Vikings with the right honorable Honey Badgers taking me up to this past Wednesday's 4th surgery in the area.

This time my surgeon needed to work up into my urethra so I'm needing to use a catheter for 30 days to try to give it a chance to heal and she also removed a piece of Lego from my vagina.


Well okay not really, I didn't stick it up there like a toddler sticks a bean up their nose, but one of the new tumours in there really felt like I was sitting on this:

And not a nice soft cookie made by Melissa version either. But hey, at least it wasn't a Barbie shoe. That would've REALLY hurt.

So even though there will likely be lots of pain for the next while I'm still celebrating the removal of the Lego piece. Not sure why but I always pictured a square blue Lego even though my doctor told me it looked like a cauliflower. 

Let this be a lesson to you kids. Stay away from beans and cauliflower and don't sit on your Lego!

Sunday, 8 October 2017

Meeting Georgie at Thanksgiving

Meet Georgie my niece Melissa's new puppy. She's a chug, part pug and part chihuahua.

At my request Karen made a tomato aspic. Such a blast from the past!

Anne explaining our food options

Always lots of food.

Georgie arrives

And we discover we all dressed like mimes.

I wish we had all pretended to be trapped in a box or something.

Official hand washer in action

My great niece Claire made us all a beautiful card!

And Anne made one for me:

Melissa made me Lego cookies, more about them in my next blog.

Josh and Georgie

Georgie was a good girl and did all her important business outside.


Georgie went home early or we wouldn't have needed to vacuum.


I love this spinach plant

Too many shadows


I love that Vivie was writing messages with water. I noticed them as we were walking but didn't see where they came from till I looked at the pictures,

My beautiful girls braved the direct sunlight for me.

Todd and Jen

More games

Jim was feisty!

I believe Todd won but Jen and I came in second, tee hee. (In Martin games there is no second - just win!)

Tillie popped in for a kiss

Back at home in my new to me comfy chair I was thankful for such a great family!