Friday, 29 December 2017

How Sweet It Is

Come on now you don't give me a squirrel cookie cutter, snow, sunshine and expect me to stay indoors just because it's a little cold do you? Especially with the promise of a month in the hospital coming up! 

Cookie squirrel and manic reindeer had a photo shoot.

Granted it is too cold to sit and wait for birds and squirrels. Also they don't plow the sidewalks over to the gazebo in the hopes that we'll stay off them. Works till there's a bit of a thaw or a teenager with a shovel who can be harnessed then I'm back :-)

Anyway snow!!!

Can you believe it took me this long to remember what I had in my pockets?

And yes I should probably find some gloves.

Harry took a few steps outside and retreated but not before uttering a very long complaining meow. Also he now has a sugary butt.

Ears back. Not to be trusted.

We'll see if they recover to play another day.

Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Family Christmas 2017

This year we met at Rick and Erin's church in Wellesey on Boxing Day. The weather was a lot better than Christmas day!

Sean came with Dianna.


Cherry Surprise

Transformer boy

A shiny candy brought much joy.

Deborah and Sean

Leonard read the Christmas story with lots of added lefts and rights telling us when to pass the gifts.

The gifts contained hats that Anne sewed out of fleece sweat shirts!

I got a red one that I'm sure you'll see. Cooper helped me open my crystal photography ball.

This is the stand and I really like it too.

Such good sports!


We headed over to Anne and Len's for a while.

A craft Claire taught us.

These are neat Christmas crafts Heather has sent from Scotland made from hand and foot prints.

Logan was still bump in 2015.

In order:

A few lights on the way home. We still have a LOT more to look at from previous road trips this year.

Castle Kilbride

Hockey Santa


If there's something behind the picture is right side up

But I can always turn the picture over later

Or leave it upside down.

How to take a picture of your cat with his name Coke.

Wait while he knocks a prop to the floor.

Get a good shot. Realize you don't like the AC behind him but you do like the cat wall hanging on the door that your Mom made for you.