Saturday, 9 December 2017

Christkindl Market 2017!

I had a super fun evening with some of my favorite people at Christkindl market tonight. Normally I'd be there on Sunday listening to Grand Harmony Chorus but sadly that didn't work out this year so we went at night which is even more to my camera's liking. 

It snowed which was delightful!


Saturday night was really crowed inside!

The big veranda is my favorite and the tree was SO well lit this year!

It didn't look like someone threw a few lights at it while they were running past it this time.

Miss my Grand Harmony ladies and Chris on stage but these kids were great.

I saw a donkey and shouted look a petting zoo! But it was in fact a manger scene.  Neat.

What's this? A bat signal? The Eastern star? Nope it was leading the way to the fried cheesecake truck! (Obviously it is the light from the sign projector. They live streamed the Hallelujah Chorus later.)

Karen and I had potato pancakes. They were not green honest.

Fried Mars bar for Caleb and fried cheesecake for Emily.

At first I thought they trucked in snow from Texas but then I realized it was output from the tiny zamboni at the rink.

Lots of time to admire this guy while we waited for our fried cheesecake to share.

This nice lady let me admire her funnel cake.

Mmmmmmmmmmmm. Homer drool.

But no candy apple to take pictures of this year!

Found a favorite from last year on the way home, It's on whatever the name of the street is that the front entrance of the Kitchener Aud is on.

Stay tuned for more lights as Tuesday night is our annual Christmas lights chase down with Pari and Vicki and Louise. There will be smokey bacon Caesars and little donuts first!

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