Friday, 29 December 2017

How Sweet It Is

Come on now you don't give me a squirrel cookie cutter, snow, sunshine and expect me to stay indoors just because it's a little cold do you? Especially with the promise of a month in the hospital coming up! 

Cookie squirrel and manic reindeer had a photo shoot.

Granted it is too cold to sit and wait for birds and squirrels. Also they don't plow the sidewalks over to the gazebo in the hopes that we'll stay off them. Works till there's a bit of a thaw or a teenager with a shovel who can be harnessed then I'm back :-)

Anyway snow!!!

Can you believe it took me this long to remember what I had in my pockets?

And yes I should probably find some gloves.

Harry took a few steps outside and retreated but not before uttering a very long complaining meow. Also he now has a sugary butt.

Ears back. Not to be trusted.

We'll see if they recover to play another day.


  1. You mentioned a shovel. If you have one, I'll shovel the path over to the place the animals congregate.
    I've been told that the Dollar stores have very warm gloves that even allow you to use your phone or iPad with them on. Although I myself have not purchased any yet, my friend who swears by them is a fairly reliable source of information about something like this.

    1. Oh no worries I have young muscle coming by tomorrow but thanks!

      Yes those gloves are great I just have to find mine. The young muscle will help with that too!