Friday, 29 November 2013

Ask for sun...

and ye shall receive.

Today I just moved around to wherever the sun happened to go. Feeling really good.

Sometimes the colour is from nature...

And sometimes not so much.

Anybody know what these guys are?

Angel wings or Movember finale?

Going to try to remember to bring a garbage bag along tomorrow. Might as well be picking things up, that's exercise too.

Emily and Harry selfie from Wednesday.

He's slightly more relaxed tonight.


Candidate for meme of the year:

Thanks Susan

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Missing the sun

Today I did some fun writing and I'm feeling pretty good. Not 100 percent sure I'm over my flu but I'm not sneezing so I'm going with hopefully yes and that it was a short version because I had the flu shot.

Are these plants trying to get away from winter?

Really? This is where you leave your shoes?

Yeah, missing this already.

But there are always new apps to play with and an unending amount of flower pictures to use.

Also I'm pleased that this summer I left a lot of sunny day pictures from the beach and other fun days that I haven't even looked at yet. Including my niece and her family's trip to Florida with the water camera!

I have lots of birthday movies and Cooper's first year movie to make. I want to learn how to make my own music on Garage Band too. Lots to look forward to while it's cold and dark. My version of winter light therapy!

There is beauty in winter though too.

And it looks like this guy is determined to keep up our walks.

And maybe someday we'll find the sun again!

Good night.


Happy American Thanksgiving.