Saturday, 23 November 2013


All iPod pictures today because of this:

We did make it to Guelph to have this:

But not this:

The weather changed every 10 minutes like this:

After the fact, Harrison and I put my ice pick on my cane like this:

But that was wrong so we did it again. I can't recommend Harrison in the technical difficulty solving fields. Because after he sniffed the screwdriver the biggest help he was was doing this:

After I did my laundry I made this:

I carefully set the oven timer for 15 minutes at 425 then set it again for 30 minutes but neglected to do the actual turning down of the oven to 325 at the 15 minute point. I can't really recommend myself in the technical difficulty solving fields either.

When I clued in halfway trough the second time period I threw some tin foil on top and turned it down to 250. No idea how it tastes cause apparently I suddenly have a cold so it's in the freezer. Socked away some oregano, hoping to stay away from a full blown sinus infection.

Tomorrow I feel obligated to cheer for the Ticats not because I have any inclination that they will win but rather because of this:

Hope you are sleeping like this:

& here's this:

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