Sunday, 10 November 2013

Weather or not

More Cooper birthday pictures tomorrow I promise I just didn't have the time to lose myself in them today. Also we got some new machines at the gym so I found a few new muscles.

It was one of those days where if you don't like the weather just wait two minutes. Not three, two.

This was from a moving car with my iPod on the way home from church.

Harrison only stayed out long enough to eat some grass on my neighbour's porch.

As you can see he was not happy about the wind.

I love that all four sides of our building seem to have their own weather system kind of like the huge Nassau space building has its own weather atmosphere inside.

I promise I'll stop taking pictures of these last three roses just as soon as they finally succumb.

You can see a little more clearly in those last two pictures what a difference it makes what depth you tell the camera to focus. I like them both.

I have no idea what I did there but I like it too.

If you can't beat the powerlines join em.

Broken glass not ice, harbinger of things to come!


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