Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Today's walk and Cooper in a lion suit

Listen I could not be having more fun with my camera! Today I totally accidentally found a way to change the focus settings. There are lots of better ways of saying this but basically your background is either blurred or less blurred and either all the stuff in your picture is in focus or just the stuff in the front. I totally cheat with this stuff with the long lens because I found an easier way to do it but it's good to learn the right way too.

Not a huge change in these pictures but interesting to me nevertheless.

I found a whole new garden today behind the nursing home. I love that I'm still not finished exploring and I can't wait to spring to see what is all planted there. Looks like they grow some vegetables as well.

Okay bird time. I like to make you work for the first few:

What you need to understand is that all of these bird pictures and of course many many more were taken smack dab in front of the building beside where I live. It probably looked like I was taking pictures into peoples windows.

As a person would come in or go out I was sure to say, "I'm taking pictures of birds!" I can only imagine what they must've thought.

Harrison didn't get outside at all today because the lawn care people were here having a rodeo with leaves. I'm all for people having fun with their work and these boys sure do! It's go carts all the way! But our lawn gets torn up pretty good. Harrison's nerves did not let him participate so he skipped today.

Here the last of the pictures from Sunday. I'll be honest they're pretty much all of Cooper and anyone that happens to be in his vicinity!

Karen was saying that Cooper would probably recognize her better with a swimsuit and goggles on because that's when she usually sees him.

Gosh this was cute! Cooper found a smorgasbord and made himself at home.

But he was willing to share it with his grandpa too.

Saying goodbye to uncle Todd.

Love this picture:

A birthday girl coming up on Saturday!

Remember these two pictures?

Thanks to the photo shop skills of my brother they are now this and everyone has their eyes open!


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