Tuesday, 12 November 2013

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Taking pictures without a flash in pretty much the dark is now possible. You know how you used to buy 100 or 200 or 400 iso film? Well this camera goes up to 12,000. Makes things more fuzzy but that's okay. I guess you would call it a little past dusk at 5 pm now but when I looked out and saw that it was snowing I had to go out.

Harry told me he wanted to go out too but I didn't buy it.

I am SO excited that I'm going to be able to take pictures of snow this year! I don't care if it's fuzzy.

Although I should probably see if there's such a thing as a weather protective case I can invest in.

Or maybe a ziplock bag.

Plus also boots.

Thank you for not dead heading your roses Susan!

The 3 Rosewalds at the front flower bed are still hanging in there too. It was really dark by then.

But I'd still prefer not to use the flash - it shows the age of these old movie stars too much. They need softer light at this stage of their careers.

More Cooper pictures as promised.

He needed to eat that hat and was not best pleased to lose it!

Not a long blip in the happiness.

He did so great!


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