Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Theatre of the birds

I love Wednesday because it's swim night with my people. It was rib night too!

Emily's good friends joined us as well. 

Emily took this picture from up on a climber. 

There will be gymnastic videos another time. 

Loved the weather today. Sunny and cool. I was just gonna see what the sun was kissing and not take pictures of birds today but you'll see how that plan worked out. 

Well I couldn't not take pictures of one of the last male finches that was still wearing his prom tuxedo. 

And they were all just so peppy and acting out the musical Grease or possibly West side story so I kept snapping. 

I was happy to see a sparrow again. They've not been around for weeks. 

These are my favourites. 

Got this guy on the video running around the theater in circles. Feeder Siri not theater. 

This spiderweb just gets more epic every day

Melissa's latest meme: