Thursday, 17 September 2015

Apple picking part 2

Cooper was thrilled to give an apple to Deborah's sheep Harriet and Lola. 

The girls just weren't hungry though. 

We tried to warm Cooper up a bit but no go. 

Deborah asked for Cooper's help pulling a beet which he couldn't quite see himself doing. 

But he could carry the clean end to his mom. 

I think this picture goes into my top 20 ever. 

One of my favourite gardeners. 

Starry Night window?

A wedding party on the way home. 

Emily can now do a bridge and then walk!!

She starts acro class soon so I can't even imagine what she'll learn how to do!

Nice sunny day today still no birds. They must have too much food elsewhere or be on their way south already. Maybe they've got nests full of kids. Huh looked it up and even seed eating birds feed their young worms and insects because they need so much protein so maybe they're all at the meat eaters salad bar right now. 

I did have one taker. 

Some iPod sky pictures from Tuesday. 


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