Thursday, 10 September 2015

Emily's homework

I don't need to help as much with homework as I once did and I'm ok with that. I'm really proud that Caleb and Emily are very self sufficient in that department and I take a little credit for that. Especially for instilling the idea: "Your homework is not done until it's in your backpack."

However tonight Emily started work on a timeline project of her life and that's a job for Aunt Camera. She didn't need pictures but the pictures and movies are there waiting to provide clues as to what happened and when. Here are just a few that I enjoyed looking at tonight. 

This picture happened in 2012 a few weeks after my first cancer surgery and I was still on crutches from my knee replacement I think. Emily was set to sing a solo -  Tomorrow from the musical Annie and I was going to miss it. 

Uncle Henry to the rescue. He bought me a red ring pillow to sit on and we timed it just right so I didn't have to sit too long. As you will see at the beginning even Karen didn't know I was coming. Here's the video:

First day of school:

Hanging around taking pictures because I locked the keys in the van. 

My favourite picture of Caleb and me. 

No black, tomatoes or rain allowed in Emily's 5 year old world. She's standing pretty firm on the tomato part I think. 

Standing pretty firm on her friends too. 

So is Caleb. 

Piano graduation:

Proud of you Emily!

Tonight's cat walk consisted almost entirely of me keeping Harrison from achieving his heart's desire goal of sniffing an old couch someone has left behind the dumpster. I explained that we don't touch old furniture and he agreed that we wouldn't but then changed course subtlety toward it again and again. It's a good thing I got my exercise at the pool because our walk ended up being twice around the dumpster with lots of long thoughtful breaks to allow me to forget I wasn't letting him go near the couch. However four airplanes did fly over, so there's that. 


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