Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Stubborn summer

Beautiful day if you like summer, I know the gnats loved every second of it and at this point plan on surviving all the way through to next spring. 

I know this lady for sure now and she's not really scared of me anymore. 

She's easy to spot because she's obviously a working mother and the Art Deco detail on her tail. 

Fall decorations are up over at long term care. 

I didn't know that this red leafed plant grew flowers. Seeds I guess. 

Been collecting seeds from the Canna lilies, Henry's going to try starting some next year. 

My friend Zee

This chippie yelled for over an hour. No exaggeration. 

Happy gnats. 

Made a little video of the animals having lunch on Sunday. You can see it here:

Harry gives it two paws up!


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