Saturday, 19 September 2015

Buffalo Gals

The Today we went to Buffalo to celebrate my friend Kathy's birthday and do a little shopping. So much fun! 

Had to do my semi annual selfie at Trader Joe's with who I'm assuming is Joe. 

He's ready for some football tomorrow! Go Bills. Watch out for those Wiley-coyote Pats. 

Karen celebrated everthing pumpkin spice today. 

And Harrison scored a new harness. It's a (gasp) dog harness and it's not perfect but I think I can maybe modify it. 

I love that it's a hoodie. 

It has to be a sure fit because every once in a while we need to chase things. 

But not today. 

Today was for posing. 

Not even chippy got chased. 

He seemed pretty relaxed in it but it was too windy for him. 

I stowed Harry in the house and went on a futile hunt for rainbows. 

Loving the purple in the background. It was getting dark. 

You know these trees?

This is what they look like close up. 

Found two squirrel nests!

I love trying to catch movement. 

Bottle brush. 

Look what Ava and Olivia and Annette brought me tonight! They are so good. 

He can carry a toy in his hoodie. 


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