Tuesday, 1 September 2015

祝你好運 (Good Luck) Zack & Cooper gets a basket

Well it's too hot to walk so I went rogue and vacuumed for exercise. This blew Harrison's little mind. After it was over he needed to knead me urgently, I'm assuming to make sure I was okay, and he didn't relax again until I put his food bowl back in its exact correct position. 

Thinking about my friend Zack who recently graduated as a teacher and is off to Shanghai to teach! 

Just seems like this was yesterday:

And now this is happening as we speak:

Good luck Zack you're you're gonna be great!

So yeah, decided to stay indoors out of the heat and allergens today to see if that'll help me get over this cold. Not coughing much just need to get my strength back again. It's not like I don't have a ton of pictures that I haven't shared yet. For example these pictures of Cooper playing basketball at the pool last winter. 

He was actually propelling himself around for the first time!


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