Sunday, 13 September 2015

Apple picking & Smartie has a party

My apologies that there are even more pictures than usual that are quite similar to each other in this blog. As always this is partly for back up but in this case the T Rex story will depend a lot on facial expressions. 

We are so grateful to Deborah for opening her orchard and garden and heart to us. It's pretty neat that we'll have outdoor Cooper growing up pictures on a regular basis. 

This was a favourite from two years ago

Anyway, it wasn't the warmest of days this year but we still had a good time. 

Apparently T Rex wanted some popcorn. 

T Rex will probably play hide and seek with Cooper and his dad.  

Closing their eyes for hide and seek?

(Scroll quickly here if you're squeamish)

Jeannie coming home with a catch

I'd love to get some close ups of this furry girl but she's pretty shy. 

More pictures another day of the sheep and garden yesterday. 

Today Mary brought me some bird seed and I hurried over to the bug garden to put a bit in the feeders. The yellow flowers around the feeders are at their height of glory. I thought maybe it would take a little while for the birds to catch on but...

Did you ever hear the saying Smartie Smartie had a party, nobody came to the party but Smartie?

Yeah that was me today. None of the birds were home. It has never been that quiet over there, not even before the feeders. Everyone was clearly out on a Sunday drive. 

It was a lot like fishing - waiting around for something to happen but at least with fishing you can't see and hear that nothing's going to happen so you could get a bite any second. 

Anyway the song Love the One You're With kept playing in my head so I just started taking pictures of the bees and flowers. 

And sure enough I had one customer!

Thanks Tilly!

PS does anyone know how to open this kind of bird feeder? They are apparently squirrel and Ruthe proof!


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