Friday, 25 September 2015

Vivi the brave

Sending out lots of love and get well wishes to my wonderful niece Olivia. She took a tumble while climbing a tree and ended up with a sprained ankle and a wide assortment of bruises. 

She's handling it with courage and strength and learning how to get around on crutches and being pushed around on an office chair. I'd loan her my red rocket rollator but I think it's too tall :-)

Even her kitty Blackberry was a little cuddlier than usual. 

Get well fast sweet Vivi!

I took a lot of pictures today and trust me I deleted far more than I kept but I'm having so much fun playing with white balance these days. It's playing with colour on the camera rather than later on the computer. Also trying out different aperture settings which just means the backgrounds will be different levels of blurry. 

Tilly's rose:

Come on fall you can get here any time now please. 

Want to try these again when the sky is a different shade of blue. 

Lots of action at the feeder today. 

The woodpecker was hard at work and moving up and down this tree. 

This was the shot I wanted for the whole time the yellow flowers were going. Oh well. 

My niece Melissa made some awesome memes for us. 


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