Thursday, 3 September 2015

A day of gifts - rain

I got some really great gifts today. The first one was a visit from two of my favourite gentlemen. They had just been at the Aud watching a Rangers practice. More importantly they sat in a chair that had a three on it, ate pink popcorn and saw a zamboni!

We braved the ridiculous heat and went over to the play park for a little. 

Not sure what went down in our little play park but the cricket has caution tape and the horsey is completely gone. 

The slides were too hot to slide on too so driving the virtual car was pretty much it. 

Coop did sell us some ice cream though. 

I added to the pink popcorn with a red Popsicle - not sure how the nap went :-)

The Popsicle was dance inducing!

Cooper does up Grandpa's sandals for him. Reminds me so sweetly of helping my dad take his work boots off when he got home. It was such an honour. 

My second gift was rain! Thunderstorm really so I couldn't go out walking but just being out on the porch in less than feels like 37 degree heat was fantastic. It's coming back with a vengance but never mind. 

The third gift was an extended visit from this hummingbird who sat for minutes at a time and seemed to enjoy being wet. It was really dark so the pictures aren't great but but it was a wonderful experience. 

Grateful also that I was able to walk on the treadmill for 5 minutes without coughing so I'm on the mend! On Monday I couldn't even tread water in the pool for thirty seconds something I can usually do for an hour. Happy to be feeling better. 


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