Saturday, 29 November 2014

Lizzy - a star is born

In what seems like a blink of an eye, but was really 10 months, Lizzy has gone from here...

to here:

I think they both want sprung there.

Her personality is starting to shine!

Big news about Lizzy at the end of this post so keep scrolling :-)

Yesterday Mr Red Bird was in the mood to pose but I noticed Mrs Red Bird first.

I know this is a crazy amount of pictures but he sat for like twenty minutes. Where as this bird gave me about twenty seconds.

Love the snow on the nose:

The sun came out today, though it wasn't very convincing.

Okay so you know how I'm going to write a Cooper the Christmas Elf book?

Well he's going to have a little elf friend named Lizzy. Or she may have her own book, we'll see.

Yay! Heather's going to keep taking pictures of Lizzy in her Christmas outfit and away we'll go.

We needed a distraction from Lizzy missing half her left arm and hand and Cooper was happy to oblige.

Well either that or he's pointing it out.

And anyway my detail man, Cooper's Grandpa Henry, will be able to help with things like fleshing out missing half limbs.

I thought the long suffering squirrel needed a friend too.

This makes me really happy. It's slow work, I have to farm out most of the erasing of backgrounds to avoid triggering my tendinitis, any volunteers are welcome, don't want to wear Henry out. The good thing is that it gives me a reason to take lots of background pictures in the winter when there are no flowers to follow.

So these become potential dance floors:

Race tracks:

And basketball hoops:

A monster:

And this just may be one of the villains:

Especially since today he sat on the very last little flower: