Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Mary Lynn's Wake

Before you see these pictures you should know that we are laughing almost as much as we are crying. And we are doing both a lot. And hugging most of all.

I have permission to share these pictures. You can share the link but the pictures themselves belong to our family. You have come along with me on this journey Mary Lynn took and she really enjoyed sharing it with you. This is simply the next part. The graduation ceremonies.

I went outside and had a fun shoot. A little bird was unafraid of me and a seal posed for about 20 minutes between dives for fish. Those pictures to come as they are on my good camera.

Rebekah showed me where her "beeboo" is.

Lots of photo album gazing going on.

And fun with uncles.

And planning.

And breakfast.

And overwhelming reminders.

Bam. Open the book - first page:

That beautiful picture was taken a little while ago by her husband Philip.

Which brings us to the wake tonight.

Philip wanted me to be sure to get a picture of his pocket square that ML made out of the same material as the dress she made herself for Brent's wedding. She is wearing it again now.

Brace yourselves. This is the absolute saddest part of this whole story. But I want Rebekah to be able to look back and see herself at this important event. I want her to know that she was old enough to have already loved her Gramma despite the many months that ML was medically not allowed to see her in person. But my how heart wrenching.

Rebekah pointed and said Gramma at least twice.

Then she reached out for her one last time safe in the loving arms of her other wonderful grandparents.

I don't even know what to say. Except thank God Mary Lynn lived long enough to know her.

Getting ready for the crowd:

They estimate that there were 900 people who came out to honour Mary Lynn and support her family tonight. What a tribute. Especially since the only notice was on Facebook and by word of mouth as there was no time for newspapers.

Pray for sunny weather tomorrow as everyone is invited over to the house after the funeral. The neighborhood is taking care of everything. We are living an Anne of Green Gables moment there!

We could put our name tags in with Mary Lynn and Henry thought to put in those of us that couldn't come too.

Should try to sleep. Big day tomorrow. I leave you with this wonderfully written truth:


  1. The picture of Philip standing at Mary Lynn's casket, one of the last pictures on this site, sure does bring the tears. Holy Spirit comfort Philip and his 3 sons today!

  2. Very touching and moving pictorial account of the evening's events. So glad we could be there with all of you to celebrate Mary Lynn's incredible love for others and her Lord.