Wednesday, 12 November 2014

A celebration

Really need to sleep, beach and Cows store tomorrow but it will be a while before I talk my brain down.

Today was as good as a funeral day can be.

I didn't take any pictures during the funeral except one of ML's son Luke singing the most perfect song about her ever. You can actually watch the funeral if you want. I'll put the information at the bottom of this post.

You can watch me hot foot it out the aisle like one of those bad commercials for tummy trouble. I could not find a washroom easily but disaster was averted.

You probably didn't tune in for that information but I gotta be me.

I was back in time for the flower guard. We had NO idea what the funeral people meant by that but hopped to it and headed on out.

I think they usually have the guys do it instead of being pall bearers but we wanted pallbearers so the ladies got to do it. It was cool both figuratively and literally.

Cool hearse huh?

The house expanded in the usual way it did for Mary Lynn when she entertained like some Harry Potter trick.

Some of the amazingly wonderful serving crew! Thank you.

The middle lady startled me because she's a ml circa 1990's lookalike.

Henry baby whispered Rebekah.

Our Ontario cousins sang beautifully.

A sample ml letter to mom. Sorry bout the blur.

And poker finally broke out. We realized how much we depended on ml to herd us gently to a table and get started.

I can hear it so clear. "Luke and Brent if you want to move the chairs I'll clear the table. Paul the poker chips would be on the game shelf. Would anyone eat some nacho dip if I set it out? There's still some of those brownies left too. The coffee is almost ready."

And you would never know you were being managed.

Paul won the game though I'm not absolutely sure as I had left the table.

Here's the Ontario gang watching the funeral this evening.

We are jealous because they had a dog available to sit on their feet and we didn't :-)

Also some of our thoughtful cousins were good enough to organize a video viewing in their church for our relatives that could not make it. So cool!

You are more than welcome to download and share these pictures of ML. My niece Annette did the special effect ones.

We'll probably keep playing with that picture and you can too if you want to.

Here's how to watch the funeral video if you want to:


  1. Ruth I just want to say what an awesome sister you are. I wish everyone had a sister like you! God Bless!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing. This means the world to me. My door is and ever will be open to any of Mary Lynn's relatives and loved ones. 5 Windsor St., apt 3, Charlottetown, phone # 902 213 3175.