Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Foggy vision

I told someone today that I don't know how to grieve for Mary Lynn and they wisely suggested that I do what I do. And since what I do is go outside and take pictures of twigs that's what I did.

If you're new here you'll find that I put up a lot of pictures that pretty much look the same. I'm not just sharing pictures I'm also backing them up and learning to edit. Your scrolling finger will get a workout.

It was snowing really hard and my glasses were so fogged up at this point that I had to take my hat off to try to cool down. So hard to see. Every picture was like a surprise later.

I don't think that there's necessarily a right or wrong way to grieve. But I'm finding for myself the experience is different every time. Still feeling nothing but relief for mom to get released from Alzheimer's, sadness about dad and if I had to identify the gist of what I feel around ML's death it would be anger. Not at anything or anyone in particular more just that she really didn't want to go. Not looking for platitudes in response to this. Just figuring out what I'm feeling so I can go ahead and feel it.

Harry is still anxious to get outside.

And he's still surprised.

The weather was too messy for swimming to happen tonight so Emily and Harrison and Whiskers and Archie the fish and I FaceTimed instead.



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